FTC is in the process of scheduling dates for League Tournaments (a/k/a League Champs) and the State Championship to take place in April and May as well as a Team Practice Judging event for March.  All Judging and Judging Practice team interviews and deliberations for these events will be conducted remotely via a Zoom platform, so you will be able to participate from the comfort of your home/office.

The Game Play portions of these tournaments are being planned to be In-person following the COVID safety guidelines established by the CDC, State and Local health agencies as well as requirements set forth by the venues.  A special “FIRST Tech Challenge IN FTC Volunteer Enrollment” event has been created where you can apply for the various roles NOW through your FIRST Dashboard and have access to all of the training materials for the role, plus also be informed of any special Indiana training sessions, communications for the various roles.  Judge volunteers are needed now, so the planning process for the upcoming events can go forward – sign-up today!


For help on navigating the registration system see the guide below.

Volunteer Registration User Guide