FIN is excited to present our new virtual series, The FIRST Indiana Robotics’ History of Game Design Webcast!

The show is hosted by our very own Liz Smith.

The 5 episodes will feature special guests who cover the history and design of all 29 FRC games. The first episode, covering the games from 1992 – 2000, will premiere February 16th at 7 pm EST, through our Twitch channel:

Session 1 February 16 – Danny Diaz and Chris Fultz
Session 2 February 18 – Amanda Bessette and Andy Baker
Session 3 February 22 – Katie Widen and Peyton Yeung
Session 4 February 24 – Kate Sample and Lucy Baker
Session 5 February 26 – Allison Kneisler and Lenny De La Cruz