FIN is excited to present our new virtual series, The FIRST Indiana Robotics’ History of Game Design Webcast!

The show is hosted by our very own Nick Lawrence and Liz Smith.

The 5 episodes will feature special guests who cover the history and design of all 29 FRC games. The first episode, covering the games from 1992 – 2000, will premiere February 16th at 7 pm EST, through our Twitch channel:

Session 1 February 16 – Danny Diaz and Chris Fultz
Session 2 February 18 – Amanda Bessette and Andy Baker
Session 3 February 22 – Katie Widen and Peyton Yeung
Session 4 February 24 – Kate Sample and Lucy Baker
Session 5 February 26 – Allison Kneisler and Lenny De La Cruz