A bill has been introduced in the Indiana House that would provide teacher stipends and expense support for robotics teams in schools. FIRST Indiana Robotics along with our Student Board of Directors and FTC 12014 FireWires have been working on legislation to bring funding support to robotics teams in K-12.

We need your help to get this bill passed. The bill is HB1382.  Click the link to read the proposed legislation.

As a team:


1.  Find your legislator; https://iga.in.gov/legislative/find-legislators/ – specifically, find your STATE Representative and your STATE Senator.  Make sure also to get the contact information for their legislative assistants.

2.  Make a copy of this email template –https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g1nC86Ka0e8CDjJYE3pBb-oYsC0WRSA7euR0pm_WExc/edit?usp=sharing

3.  Once you have your copy, customize it with your team information. (now you have a team custom template)

4.  Give each student a copy of the team letter.  Have them add their personal stories to their letter.

5.  Each student, mentor, and family member emails their message to their representative, senator, and assistants.



1.  Ask your sponsors, school, and community supporters to support HB 1382 – it will be beneficial to the strength of Indiana’s workforce pipeline.

2.  Work with your families to call legislators and ask them to support HB 1382. Every student or family needs to contact their legislator to advocate for this bill.

3.  Attend the FIRST day at the Statehouse on February 1st.  Bring friends, students, and others.

4.  Share this information on social media and follow us for updates. Facebook -@firstinrobotics Twitter-@firstinrobotics Instagram – @firstinrobotics

Attend the Zoom Call  on Tuesday, January 24th  to learn more about advocating for this legislation.

Register for the call here https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIkd-2upjgiE9TymW-yrWaUcaRra_zLDGBg

Our future is built better…together.