FIN Grant Application Live

We would like every team in Indiana to complete this application to match you with potential regional or statewide grants we have developed.

To be eligible from these supporters in the future, your team is required to complete the grant application if you have ever received funding from:

  • Toyota
  • Rolls Royce
  • Corteva
  • Arconic

Those applications are due Friday,  September 9th, 2022 Please make sure to have only ONE application completed per team. Even if you didn’t receive money from one of these sponsors in the last couple of years, we need you to complete the grant application in case we receive money from them this year. If you have any questions about this or are unsure if you should apply, contact Chris Osborne – at But when in doubt, apply.

  1.  Use team data from last year if your team hasn’t formed yet.  We will follow up at competition with a new demographic survey to update numbers.
  2. Use school data to answer demographic data as well.  Find School Data Here

Also, check out the new FIRST grant page –

There will be a call on Tuesday, August 16th, at 7 PM Eastern to review team grant opportunities.  Please register for this call here:

We will discuss the grant application process for FIN, opportunities on the FIRST website, and other grant opportunities.  We will also discuss the new procedures for teams to request hardship funds from FIN this year. We have new follow-up requirements.

Boiler Bot Battle

Upcoming Important Dates

  • Drive Base Opt Out is open – it closes 10/20/2022 at Noon Eastern.
  • Kit and Kickoff Selection will close 11/14/2022 at Noon Eastern (we haven’t announced Indiana Kickoff locations yet.)
  • First Event Preference Selection – 9/22 – 9/29/2022 Noon
  • Second Event Preference Selection –  10/6-10/13/2022 Noon
  • Chairman’s Award / Impact Award – The Chairman’s award is now called the Impact Award. You will all see reference to this award in all communications moving forward.  The Impact Award opens on 11/3/2022 at Noon.

Join the community!

We have created the FIN Playbook.  It sits on a Moodle Server and will serve multiple purposes.  We have created regional groups where coaches from all programs can talk to each other, schedule scrimmages, share resources, etc.

Please visit and set up your account.  We will assign you to your region.  There will also be Wiki’s for teams to submit materials, links to videos, etc. for the entire community to learn from.


The FIRST Scholarship portal opens on September 1st.  Please share this with your students.  Based on our surveying last year a majority of high school FIRST participants in Indiana were unaware of the scholarship portal.   Also, our providers told us they had scholarships go unapplied for then discovered they were enrolling eligible students later.  I’d love for us to work together to increase our Indiana students applying for and getting scholarships from our Indiana providers.

Indiana has 7 providers:

  • Hanover College – Any major on campus.
  • University of Evansville – Any major on campus.
  • Indiana University – Luddy – Computer Science, Engineering, Informatics
  • IUPUI – School of Engineering
  • Trine – Engineering
  • Valparaiso University – Engineering
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

**Pro Tip** When students sort by the state on the FIRST site, have them choose “Any,” and they will find scholarships that are for students in any state.  For example, Triangle Fraternity has a scholarship for young men or women in FIRST.  BAE Systems has a scholarship for students going to any school, but they have to live in a BAE community (Fort Wayne)


The team updates that come out via our email blast system are now being posted as blog posts on our website.  You can visit the blog site –, or you can subscribe to it via RSS –
If your team uses Slack or Discord, you can create a channel and have that channel subscribe to the feed.  Everyone on your server will get our communications.
​Do you have a lead?​
Do you have a lead on someone we should reach out to about starting a FIRST team?  Could be a middle school teacher in your district, a neighbor, a colleague in another school district, etc.  Send them this form –
​We will follow up and get them the information they need to start their journey.​

Starbase Indy

( ) They would like to have some teams showcase their robots at this year’s convention — FRC, FTC, and even FLL.

Starbase Indy is a fan-run Star Trek convention held each year on Thanksgiving weekend. We are fans not only because we enjoy Star Trek, but also because it inspires us. From this inspiration comes the mission of our convention:
The mission of The Starbase is to provide inspirational content and activities relating to Star Trek, STEM, and humanitarianism to aid in creating a future that is inclusive and diverse. We host a yearly gathering place to connect creators and explorers t the community with fun and enriching experiences for all.

It’s at the Indianapolis Marriott East, November 25-27, 2022. Would it be possible to spread the word to area teams? I can put people in touch with the Convention Committee. Contact Community Outreach: Mark Gaddo  with any questions.