Awards Submission Dates

Do NOT forget to nominate 2 Dean’s List Students (current sophomore or junior) by February 10th, 2022 3 PM Eastern Time.  Only Coach 1 or Coach 2 can complete the nomination process in your dashboard.  If you have questions, reach out to us. 

Dean’s List Students need to be in your team Roster with both the FIRST and the FIRST Indiana Consent and Releases Signed to be considered.

Woodie Flowers Submissions are also due on February 10th, 2022 at 3 PM Eastern Time. Only a “Student Submitter” can make that nomination.  Again, with questions please reach out!

Chairman Awards Submissions are due February 17th, 3 PM Eastern Time.  Student submitters or Coach 1 and Coach 2 can submit those.

Innovate WithIN

Do you have future entrepreneurs on your team?  Do they have some great ideas they’d like to turn into a business?

Have them compete in the Innovate WithIN competition this year!

Applications for Innovate WithIN are due February 4th.  This is an amazing competition that your students can take part in individually or in small groups.  FIRST students have done very well in this competition and there is a $25,000 grand prize.

Learn More –

Student Application –

AnchorFIN COVID Policy Update

Here is the COVID Policy for our FTC League Tournaments and FRC District events.

Neither masks nor safety glasses will be available for free.  We will have some safety glasses and some masks at each venue for sale. Please make sure all your students and mentors are prepared.

More team resources on our website.

AnchorFRC Coaches Clinics

Thank you to Cindy Kvale and FRC Team 3494 for the presentation on reversible bumper covers!

Content will be provided by our very own FIN FRC teams.

If you missed the call, here is the recording.  Their slide deck is available as a .pdf in the description.

Tuesday, February 1st FRC Team 3176 leads a conversation around student leadership development and processes!

Register for the Call


Important Dates

Don’t forget to bookmark this page –

AnchorIN-MaC Micro-Grant Program: Connecting Education, Industry, and Community Initiatives focused on industry exposure and experiences

IN-MaC has launched the 2021-22 Micro-Grant Program, awarding dollars to foster the growth of youth and adult manufacturing initiatives around the state of Indiana.

This program aims to provide grant funding to education (K-16), industry, and community-based organizations that implement creative ways to enhance youth and adult experiences in industry.

Ranging from $1,000 – $2,000, the Micro-Grants are designed to support innovation and encourage organizations to dedicate funds towards development and program implementation that impact industry awareness.

IN-MaC has a targeted interest in:
• Projects focused on exposing youth (K-12) to manufacturing through:

  • Virtual Experience or Exposure to Industry Careers
  • STEM Equipment/Curriculum
  • Industry Awareness
  • Hands-On Experiences
  • Camps
  • STEM Related Experiences

• Campaigns focused on efforts to increase exposure and awareness to industry
• Innovative projects that demonstrate creativity and that can serve as a model for other    organizations and communities across Indiana

We currently do not fund:
• General or ongoing organizational support (salaries)
• Campaigns for political candidates

Who can apply?
Micro-Grant funds are open to:
• Education (K-16)
• Industry
• Community partners


IN-MaC is accepting request for proposal (RFP):
Micro-Grant funds will be distributed to organizations once applications are accepted and approved.

Grants must be applied for in advance of the opportunity. Retroactive requests will not be accepted. The Grant cycle will run from October 1, 2021– June 1, 2022.

These grants are filled until the money is gone.  Get in as soon as possible!

AnchorFIRST Robotics Day at the Statehouse

On Tuesday, February 1st please share your support of FIRST Indiana Robotics by utilizing your social media to make posts about “Why FIRST is important” and use the hashtag #FINFAM

Have students do short videos and post on Instagram, Facebook, etc.  Please tag us and use the hashtag #FINFAM

Facebook: @firstinrobotics
Instagram: @firstinrobotics
Twitter: @firstinrobotics

We need your posts, stories, videos, etc. to tell a bigger and more compelling story to our legislature.

AnchorOpportunities with FIRST Indiana Robotics

FIRST Indiana Robotics is looking for your input, advice, guidance, etc.!

Board Committees

Board of Directors

Have you ever thought about sitting on a non-profit board of directors or do you have a parent, mentor, etc. on your team that you think would be a great member of our board of directors?  Please reach out to Renee Becker-Blau –