FRC Team Update 12-9-2021

Kickoff Update

FRC Kickoff will be on Saturday, January 8th.  Kickoffs will be Kit of Parts Distribution ONLY.  Teams need only send 2 representatives with identification.  If individual teams are going to have kickoff events and invite other teams, etc. that’s fine.  Our four sites will be providing distribution only.
If your team is going to have someone that is NOT coach 1 or coach 2 pickup your kit of parts, you need to have a surrogate letter on file.  This letter is due by January 3rd.
Kits will be distributed as soon as the live stream has ended at approximately 1:15 PM Eastern Time. Kickoff sites are not allowed to distribute prior to that.

Kickoff Sites/Directions

Pick Up Location: Door D; Southeast Corner of Building

Parking: North of Tennis Courts or Overflow Lot to the East

Forrest Avenue Parking Garage attached to the Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence is where teams can park.
Kits will be distributed out of the lobby of Luddy Hall.  Enter in the front doors off of 11th and Forrest Ave.

AnchorFRC Coaches Call

FIN will be holding an FRC coaches call on Thursday, December 16th at 7 PM Eastern to discuss some upcoming items related to the season, including plans for teams that qualify for Houston at the state championship and any questions teams may have about the upcoming season.

We hope to have at least one representative from every team.  It can be a coach, parent, etc.

Register for Coaches Call

AnchorFRC Blog – Approved Devices Rules Overview

Please take a few moments to read over the most recent blog post from FRC on the approved devices for 2022 and rules overview.

AnchorImportant Dates

Don’t forget to bookmark this page –

It has all the official dates for FRC.  If changes are made to those dates, that link is where the changes will be.  You can also subscribe to any of those dates and put them on your calendar.

1/8/2021 Kickoff
1/8/2021 Virtual Kit Kickoff Release
1/8/2021 FIRST Choice Round 2 Opens

AnchorIN-MaC Micro-Grant Program: Connecting Education, Industry, and Community Initiatives focused on industry exposure and experiences

IN-MaC has launched the 2021-22 Micro-Grant Program, awarding dollars to foster the growth of youth and adult manufacturing initiatives around the state of Indiana.

This program aims to provide grant funding to education (K-16), industry, and community-based organizations that implement creative ways to enhance youth and adult experiences in industry.

Ranging from $1,000 – $2,000, the Micro-Grants are designed to support innovation and encourage organizations to dedicate funds towards development and program implementation that impact industry awareness.

IN-MaC has a targeted interest in:
• Projects focused on exposing youth (K-12) to manufacturing through:

  • Virtual Experience or Exposure to Industry Careers
  • STEM Equipment/Curriculum
  • Industry Awareness
  • Hands-On Experiences
  • Camps
  • STEM Related Experiences

• Campaigns focused on efforts to increase exposure and awareness to industry
• Innovative projects that demonstrate creativity and that can serve as a model for other    organizations and communities across Indiana

We currently do not fund:
• General or ongoing organizational support (salaries)
• Campaigns for political candidates

Who can apply?
Micro-Grant funds are open to:
• Education (K-16)
• Industry
• Community partners


IN-MaC is accepting request for proposal (RFP):
Micro-Grant funds will be distributed to organizations once applications are accepted and approved.

Grants must be applied for in advance of the opportunity. Retroactive requests will not be accepted. The Grant cycle will run from October 1, 2021– June 1, 2022.

These grants are filled until the money is gone.  Get in as soon as possible!

AnchorFIRST Indiana Team Survey and Grant Review

Coaches, instead of surveying you a couple of times a year, we have moved to one team survey tool that also allows us to potentially match you to regional grants and sponsorships.  If you have received Rolls Royce or Toyota funds in the past we ask you to fill out this survey for continuing eligibility for those sponsorships.

We ask that all FRC teams complete this survey as soon as possible.  We use the collected data to try and recruit more regional sponsors, granters, etc.

Complete Survey/Grant Review

AnchorFIRST Robotics Day at the Statehouse

FIRST Indiana Robotics will be hosting a day at the statehouse on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.  We will have two shifts available for teams to attend.  9 AM-Noon and then Noon – 3 PM.

We have a google form for teams to fill out if you are interested in attending.  This year we will be asking teams that plan to attend to also attend one zoom call ahead of time to learn about advocacy and the work we are doing behind the scenes to work with the legislature, Department of Education, and Department of Workforce Development to create a grant fund for FIRST teams in Indiana.

We’d love to have a couple of teams per level during each shift.  Please sign up here!

Cross Program Updates

FLL Explore – Thanks to FIRST Alumni and Mentors of Indiana University, we held a remote festival for FLL Explore teams on Saturday, December 4th.  We will be holding another remote festival in the spring.

FLL Challenge – The State Championship for FLL Challenge is this Saturday, December 11th at the RB Annis School for Engineering at the University of Indianapolis.  It is closed to the public.  The event will be streamed live on our YouTube Channel. 9 AM – 5 PM Our awards show will be Monday, December 13th at 7 PM Eastern on our YouTube Channel.

FIRST Tech Challenge – League play has begun statewide!  Check out the FTC website for details on those events and for ways to volunteer.

Opportunities with FIRST Indiana Robotics

FIRST Indiana Robotics is looking for your input, advice, guidance, etc.!

Board Committees

Board of Directors

Have you ever thought about sitting on a non-profit board of directors or do you have a parent, mentor, etc. on your team that you think would be a great member of our board of directors?  Please reach out to Renee Becker-Blau –