Many questions come up during the season, and we will be answering them and updating this blog post here.  Check back for the latest Q&As!

So is the project to “create and communicate art across the globe” or to “use technology and the arts to help engage others or increase participation in what you love to do?” What you love to do might not be art.

Your team’s challenge is really to do both parts, but I would place greater emphasis on the second part.  However, what you love to do does not need to be an artistic hobby.  Your team is just using some type of art medium to share what they love to do with others.  Imagine if someone could not be present while you are enjoying your hobby.  How could you bring your passion for your hobby to others using some form of art?
The REAL goal here is for your team to learn how artists use art to bring attention to all sorts of things in our world—it is a form of expression.  So how will your team take what they have learned about the various forms of artistic expression and use that knowledge to create an artistic expression about their hobby?  The Engineering Notebook gives examples of various art forms and how they appeal to all our senses (not just visual). These are fun ideas for your team to explore.