Cross Program Update 5-13-2021

Cross Program Opportunities

FIN Awards Show and Celebration – Tonight!

Join us on our Twitch Channel – on Thursday, May 13th at 7 PM Eastern


State Championship Chairman’s Award
Dean’s List Finalists
Woodie Flowers Finalist Award
At Home Award Winners

FTC – Teams that have advanced to the state championship.

FLL – Global Innovation Award Nominee and Finalists, Season 1 and 2 Award Winners

FLL Explore – Award winners from our FLL Explore Festival in February

We will also be celebrating our seniors in FTC and FRC!

Student Board of Directors Applications

Starting the 2021-2022 year, FIN will be accepting applications from any FRC or FTC student that is entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade for our Student Board of Directors. To learn about the time commitment and expectations, read this document.

To apply for the student board, please complete this form.

Mentors, parents, etc. please share the application link with your FTC or FRC students.  Thank you!

Students will have opportunities to attend FIN Board of Directors meetings to represent students on the board (non-voting member), work with FIN to grow FIRST, meet with legislators and other community leaders to increase recognition of FIRST in Indiana, and take on unique projects that the board chooses to pursue.

If you have questions about the Student Board, please contact Chris Osborne:

We would like applications in by May 15th.  Thank you.

Purdue Info Session

Join Purdue FIRST Program on their Twitch Channel May 15th at 6PM Eastern Time to learn about all the great opportunities in PFP.

We have some upcoming end-of-season requests, deadlines, etc. for our FRC community.

Using the buttons above, please complete the FRC team survey. (32 / 58 have completed as of today 5-13-21)  If we can get these by May 15th, we would appreciate it.  We will call teams that haven’t completed the survey in order to get at the crucial data we need to inform our sponsors of their impact. Make sure to only have one mentor from each team complete the survey.  Thank you!

Please share the student impact survey link with your students.

We also need your input on offseason events, that we have learned can begin as soon as July 1st.  In order to best serve our Indiana teams, we need to know if your team can participate, what restrictions you may have, etc.

Some Thank Yous!

Thank you to FRC 135, 461, 4272, 6956, and 3940 for taking part in our virtual VIP event.  We had a good turnout and our sponsors really appreciated meeting some of our teams.

We also want to thank everyone who made our college open house a great evening.  We had IU, IUPUI, Trine, Rose-Hulman, Valparaiso University, Hannover College, Triangle Fraternity, PFP, FAMIU, and FAMIUPUI.  The Gather Town platform was a huge success and we are really excited about using it for future events like this.

We want to thank the judges and the teams that took part in our first-ever FIN Pitch Competition, sponsored by InnovateWithin.  We will be announcing the winners on our awards show, tonight 5-13 at 7 PM Eastern.

FRC Blog Updates

Make sure to stay up to date from Headquarters by reading the FRC Blog –

Live FTC Events

Watch our upcoming State Championship on our FIRST Indiana Robotics Twitch Channel.

FTC State Championship – Saturday, May 15th –

Make sure to tell your students, friends, and family that they can watch LIVE!

FTC Blog Updates

Make sure to keep up on the latest news from FTC Headquarters by reading the blog –

The FLL Challenge Teaser is out for the 2021-2022 school year!  We are excited to show you a quick peek at “Cargo Connect.”

We will be announcing the opening of FLL Challenge and Explore registration soon.  We look forward to a return of so many of our teams that took the year off due to COVID restrictions.