We wanted to share the following message from the FIN Board of Directors, written by Logan Byers, Board Chair for FIRST Indiana Robotics.

Good morning FIRST Indiana Robotics community,

I hope that you are excited for another wonderful season of the FIRST Robotics Competition and this year’s game, Charged Up! I can’t wait to see the ingenuity of your designs and the gameplay that come from our great teams here in Indiana!

While we are preparing for another FRC kickoff, we are also continuing our search for the next President of FIRST Indiana Robotics. In December 2022, the board approved the job description and recruitment plan presented by our internal hiring committee. Since posting the role on December 13th, we have received a wide array of applications from a diverse pool of candidates.

The hiring committee will be reviewing current applications this week, as well as any additional applications that may come in. From there, we will be conducting phone and virtual interviews through the end of this month.

We look forward to continuing to keep you updated on this process.

With gratitude,

Logan Byers

FIN Board Chairman