Own Your Workforce Pipeline

As a company in southwest Indiana, we are dedicated to our community partnerships, and partnering with non-profits, educational institutions, to really help build the next generation of our workforce. They’re our future leaders, our future team members, and our future communities, so we want to educate them and really have them be integrated into our culture.

Karen Johnson, Manager of Corporate Communications, Toyota Motor North America

Our corporate sponsors tell us that by investing in FIRST throughout their communities and regions they can get to know their future workforce as early as elementary and middle school. By providing mentors and financial support companies can begin recruiting students out of high school for internships, co-ops, and stay connected with these young people as they move into the workforce.

FIRST Lego League Challenge

FIRST events are exciting and fun-filled opportunities to see youth in action, applying the knowledge and skills developed through team participation. Each event includes not only students, but also a large audience of parents, university and corporate mentors, and local leaders in business, government, education, and the media. Supporting our events is a great way to get your name out there & build connections within your community & across the state.

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of FRC students demonstrate increased mechanical & technical skills
of of FLL students increase their awareness of STEM careers
of FTC students demonstrate report that they are better prepared to work as a team
Diagram of the Circle of Workforce Development

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