“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams


Every year, FIN invites our talented and ambitious Dean’s List students to be a part of the Student Board of Directors (SBOD) until  their high school graduation. This group typically consists of 3 FTC Finalists and 8 FRC Nominees. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, FRC season was postponed after the first event this year. As a result, we only have 2 Nominees from FRC being inducted at this time for a total of 5 students joining our SBOD team. We are pleased to formally introduce you to Kaylee Lane, Joseph Maffetone, Gwen Redding, Bella Roberson and Sam Szanti!

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UPDATE: 6/17/20 ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

6 FRC students received the Dean’s List Finalist Award at our 2020 FIN Virtual Showcase. They will be joined by two outstanding FTC students, nominated by Lori Hall. This makes a total of 13 members to the 2020-2021 Student Board of Directors. Please join as we bring onboard Payton Gross, Addy Famuyiwa, Jenna Rigdon, Isabelle Baxter, Troy Crooks, Anjali Vanamala, Jerry Fuller, and Sophia Alexander!


Kaylee Lane

Kaylee is a junior at North Miami High School and has been a member of FTC team 12231 WarriorTech since it was founded four years ago. She is a model team member whose leadership and ingenuity have aided in the growth and success of a small team from a rural school. She is dedicated to the team and her community. Outside of robotics, Kaylee is an exemplary student, a leader in numerous school clubs, and enjoys running cross country and track, singing, playing multiple instruments, and dancing. After graduating from high school, she hopes to attend one of the United States Service Academies to study engineering.

There are many problems in the world I would like to solve. One problem, which I believe is the first step to resolving most other problems, is education. Proper education inspires and instills confidence in the young minds that will one day change the world for the better.  As technology is becoming increasingly pertinent in society, the importance of making sure that STEM education is available to all students is growing. Coming from a very small school, I have seen first-hand the impact that one FTC team can have on an entire community. If every child in my community, country, and the world had similar opportunities to learn, I can only imagine the obstacles we could overcome.


Joseph Maffetone

Joseph is a junior at Saint Joseph High School. He has been involved with FIRST for 6 years, 5 of those being in FIRST Tech Challenge. He is the lead in software on Pixelated as well as co-lead in engineering notebook management. Outside of robotics, Joseph likes to work on various programming projects in his free time as well as enjoys competing in Quiz Bowl.

One problem I am interested in pursuing is that of further progressing the computational ability of humanity. I am very passionate about electronics and computer science, and as such would like to be able to solve problems regarding creating more powerful and more accessible computational tools that will allow us to tackle problems that are currently out of our reach. I’d also like to work on the problem of developing completely automated cars that would improve the mobility and safety of a large number of people.

Gwen Redding

Gwyn Redding is a Junior at Crawfordsville High School who started robotics in Middle School as a FIRST Lego League member her 6th grade year.  Gwyn’s time in FLL taught her about programming, building, and working together as a team. Gwyn immediately joined the high school robotics team her freshman year and dove into the build team.  Gwyn is also instrumental to the team as a member of the drive team for competitions. One teammate said, “Without her we wouldn’t be the same, Gwyn’s spirit and drive to improve our team and broaden her skills are a huge motivator for us all.  Her passion in our high and low moments sway our team (to do better) and her desire to cement our team legacy inspires us all to do our best”.

In regards to the future, Gwen maintains that “Ocean pollution and carbon emissions are critical man-made problems that need to be faced. These issues cannot be completely resolved in a human lifetime, but progress can be made over the short term using means that already exist, such as expanding our use of renewable energy sources and reducing the amount of plastic we use. Our individual actions, though they may seem small, will have a collective effect to solve not only these two problems, but other global issues as well. We need to act now to ensure a healthy planet for all living things.”


Bella Roberson 

“My name is Bella Roberson and I am one of our programming leads on team 5010. I have only been on the team for two years now, but i really look forward to seeing what the next two have in store for me. 

One problem I would like to solve in the world is introducing more students of all backgrounds into the world of robotics. Programs like hour of code are a great start, but I hope to expand on that in some way.”

Sam Szanti

“I am a current junior and the Project Manager of Team 3176. A lot of my time is spent running the leadership part of the team as well as working on cross-team communication. Outside of that, I work on awards, outreach, and robot design. 

Later in life, I’d like to be able to solve the issue of accessible medical care, especially including treatments for mental health. I believe that everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status, should have the ability to access the newest technologies to best aid to their recovery.”

Payton Gross

Outreach and Fundraising Lead, FRC Team 3494

“I am Payton Gross. I am in 11th grade at Bloomington High School South and this is my third year on FRC Team 3494. I work in multiple aspects of the team, such as manufacturing, fabrication, and electrical but my specialization is on the business side of the team. I write the team business plan and many awards. 

I want to revolutionize the way humanity interacts with our atmosphere to help advance our journeys outside of Earth. It’d be really cool to be someone who help get the first woman to Mars and back home safely.”

Outside of FIRST, I participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. I am on my school’s golf team, a cadet in Civil Air Patrol training to get my pilot’s license, a member of a theater artists in residence program, a certified lifeguard, and I help run my school’s SCUBA diving club. 


Addy Famuyiwa

Website and Programming Subteam Lead, FRC 6956 SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS

“My name is Addy Famuyiwa and I am a junior at Westfield High School, and a 3-year and founding member of FRC 6956 SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS(SRB). In the future, I want to help increase the diversity and inclusion of minorities in STEM especially computer science, because I don’t want anyone to feel excluded or doubt their abilities because they believed they couldn’t succeed in a STEM career.”


Jenna Rigdon

Lead Programmer and Technitian, 1024 Kil-A-Bytes

I want to be able to use technology to create new jobs in the care and advancement of innovation.

 I am very excited to be given the opportunity to serve on the SBOD 🙂 Interesting fact: I have grapheme color synesthesia.


Isabelle Baxter

Media Captain, Red Alert Robotics 1741

“My FIRST experience has changed me and my life completely, I would not have the same goals and aspirations that I do without it. I want to advocate to the government to bring FIRST to all parts of the United States. I want to make STEAM the acronym all people use rather than STEM as art makes such a big difference as well.

I’m a girl scout and I’m currently working on my Gold Project. I also love kids and I work at a day care.

Troy Crooks

Lead Programmer, Lead Robot Revel, and Electrical Build Team; FRC 7477

I want to help spread engineering and technology to more students.

Interesting Fact: I have been to 18 national parks and I am an Eagle Scout



Anjali Vanamala

Outreach Head, Secretary, and Chairman’s Head; FRC Westside Boiler Invasion 461

“Alongside all the STEM related activities I love, I also really love the arts and play 6 instruments. I want to ensure that everyone no matter race, gender, or abilities can do whatever they love especially in STEM fields.”


Jerry Fuller

Design/Programmer/Driver, FTC 14400 Space Cadets

Jerry has a long history in FIRST, participating in FLL for 3 years before joining FTC team 11114 for two years. He’s now been a member of the Space Cadets for three years. In his free time, Jerry enjoys working with electronics and flying drones.

“Currently me and my friend Will are working on developing a new liner for the inside of football helmets to help prevent concussions.” To read more about his accomplishments with this project, check out the link below.