2022-2023 POWER PLAY League Play

The 2022-2023 Competition Season will consist of In-person Meets.  More detailed information will be posted here soon.

League Play

The overall philosophy and goals of the FIRST Tech Challenge League Play Model are:

  1. to provide more plays for all teams while at the same time developing crucial 21st Century life skills
  2. to provide an environment and avenue for the iteration of the engineering process,
  3. to encourage more local community involvement and support by recruiting additional sponsors and volunteers needed to support our expanding program, and
  4. to become the robotics program of choice for all schools and community groups in Indiana.

FIRST Tech Challenge values gracious professionalism, hands-on learning, and the iterative engineering process.  We believe the League Play Competition Model best supports these values.

League Meets

Teams will be assigned to one of 4 Leagues.  Teams will then be able to select which 3 (three) of the scheduled League Meets they wish to participate in.

League Tournaments

At the end of Meet Play, all Teams will participate in a League Tournament (a/k/a Champs)

In December, Teams will be asked to preference which of the 3 League Tournaments they wish to attend.

Indiana State Championship

Teams will advance from League Tournaments (a/k/a Champs) to the Indiana State Championship following the Advancement Criteria outlined in Game Manual, Part 1, Section 6.0.

FIRST World Championship

A TBD number of Teams from the Indiana State Championship will go on to represent Indiana at the 2023 FIRST World Championship