Southeast Indiana FIRST Robotics Grants

FIRST Indiana Robotics is proud to partner with the Cummins Foundation to provide a grant opportunity for schools in Southeastern Indiana to start FIRST Robotics teams.

Program Rookie Support Veteran Team Support
FIRST LEGO League Explore  Learn More $250 $75
FIRST LEGO League Challenge  Learn More $650 $300
FIRST Tech Challenge Learn More $1,000 $500
FIRST Robotics Competition Learn More $2,000 $1,000

Click on the image below to find more information about cost, season, etc. about each program.

Why do students love FIRST?


Devon Langley, FIRST® Robotics Competition participant and FIRST® LEGO League alum shares, “As a long-time FIRST® student ready to graduate high school, I have gained valuable skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, public speaking, and, of course, STEM skills like coding and designing that will help me take on the challenges of college with more confidence. Since FIRST teams work so closely with local businesses, organizations, and even local and state representatives, this program has allowed me to become a more engaged citizen in my community, and has taught me that I can play a role in its future.”

Why do educators believe in FIRST?

“Creative solving problem is one of the best things we can teach kids In order to be successful. FIRST does this every step of the way. They get to use their gifts and talents to look at a problem and solve it in a way that nobody else has before. What else could we want for a future?”

Julie Shaver

Middle School Art Teacher

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