About the Event

Join over 40 high school FRC teams as they compete on a basketball court sized field with 4ft tall, 120lb robots! A team of high school students had six weeks to design and build a fully functional robot to compete in this year’s challenge. Teams will qualify for the State Championship through their performance at our district events that will take place in Bloomington, Mishawaka, Columbus, and Indianapolis. Teams will advance from the State Championship to represent Indiana at the World Championship in Detroit, MI on April 29th – May 2nd.

Venue Information

Parking Map

Venue Map

Please follow school rules, no tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc on the school campus, wear shoes and shirts at all times.

Team Food Information


Papa John’s

Martin’s Supermarket Deli


Click here for team food ordering information.


Papa Vino’s Italian Kitchen

Food trucks are available from 11 am – 3 pm. Teams are welcome to bring food into the venue, we expect to have access to an auxiliary gym for teams to eat lunch – Please exhibit the FIRST ideal of Gracious Professionalism when setting up meal areas for teams in the gym.

Concessions will be available. Grills are not allowed.

Severe Airborne Peanut / Tree Nut Allergy – Please Be Aware

In order to maintain a supportive and inclusive environment, FIRST Indiana Robotics is asking our teams to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Please keep peanuts / tree nuts out of the pit area (as a reminder, food is not allowed in the pits).
  2. Consider removing peanuts / tree nuts from team meals and snacks.
  3. Please stay aware of your surroundings when eating at the event and take time to wash your hands after a meal.

FIRST Indiana Robotics recognizes that, as this is a public event, we cannot maintain a 100% nut free zone or prevent people from bringing these items into the building. We appreciate any support you can provide in our efforts to reduce contact with the allergen.

Hotel Information

Check out the Visit South Bend Hotel Booking Site for discounted rates on local hotels! Booking through this site helps subsidize housing for our volunteers as well.

A special thanks to our state-wide sponsors!